Listening to Your Inner Voice

by Judith Bobbe, LCSW

The best way to fight anxiety, depression, and feeling stuck in non-productive habits, is to do any practice which helps you to listen to your own intuition. When people suffer from anxiety and depression and feel that they cannot make desired changes, they often have a shaky connection with their own intuition.  Years of frustration can dim the connection with one’s own inner voice. There is a voice there, which is not listened to, and it is forgotten. Habits take over and people identify with their habits.

Our own voice inside is that which tells us what we really need, not what our habits tell us we want.  There are many simple practices which can help anyone to be more in touch with their own innate wisdom and strength.  Accessing this source is simple yet profound.  With repetition, it becomes easier to learn how to listen to that part of you which knows what you need to do, in order to change, that part of you which wants to be healthier, stronger and happier.

There is an innate stillness, which can be accessed, without being a yogi or meditator. I teach simple skills which can enrich your life, if you want to be guided into a change process which will lift you out of being stuck with who you think you have to be.

Life experiences teach us who we think we are, but our experience of ourselves can be changed, through accessing, and through listening to, our own intuition.


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Using Skills for Building Inner Strength


by Judith Bobbe, L.C.S.W.

When I work with people in therapy I introduce skills which they can use at home, in order to build confidence, strength and resiliency.

I never know for sure which tools will click with a person, so I am patient and persistent in offering as many as possible, so that maybe a practice will develop for the person at home. If one thing doesn’t work, I offer another.

When people start to practice breathing, meditation, yoga nidra or any form of inner reflection process, they invariably get better faster. Just taking the few minutes to turn inward with a process which is positive, is so refreshing. People need to feel that they can manage themselves and their own emotions and the skill building is very empowering in this process.

I am very encouraging and believe in your capacity for change. No one wants to be stuck, its just a matter of finding how to get unstuck. I am an expert at this and am very proactive in ensuring that you can find ways to get better.

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